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Work Smarter Not Harder and End Your Day Less Stressed Out

Work doesn’t have to be unpleasant, a few changes to your routine can make all the difference.

Isn’t it time you worked smarter rather than harder? Besides sleep, work makes up the biggest part of our lives so it is certainly worth improving.

By applying just a few work smarter tips you could reduce your work stress and come home feeling alive rather than drained. Other benefits include greater productivity and enjoyment of your work.

Work Smarter Tip # 1 – Keep Meetings Short and To The Point

Meetings kill productivity and increase stress. Why? Because they are often not needed and so they shorten the amount of time you have to actually do your work.

If you have to have meetings then keep them short and to the point. Keep non-related communications out of meeting time and save it for your lunch break.

Work Smarter Tip # 2 – Plan Your Day & Your Projects

Proper planning is the key to getting things done. Without planning the road to completing work is a long meandering one. What you want is a highway to completions. The way to get things done fast and beat deadlines with less stress is to plan.

To start with there should be a broad plan of what needs to be achieved. This applies to projects carried out by a team or an individual. Your broad plan then needs to be broken down into small sections that can be tackled each week. Once you have a weekly plan you need to break down the tasks you need to get done each day.

By breaking down projects into small bite-sized pieces, you can more easily stay on top of your work.

Work Smarter Tip # 3 – Create a Game out of your work

Work need not be boring. In fact, even the most boring tasks can be made fun. The trick is to make a game out of your work. Every game has a challenge to overcome or a task that needs to be completed. All you need to do is set a few goals and count your successes.

Do you have a thousand envelopes to fill? Create a goal of 40 envelopes to be correctly filled every hour. Then try to do more than 40 the next hour and keep raising the bar. You’ll be amazed at how much faster and more enjoyable your work will progress.

Work Smarter Tip # 4 – Take a Coffee Break

Sitting for long periods of time is not good for your health or productivity. It is, therefore, important to take short breaks to stretch your legs, grab a coffee or a bottle of water and relax for a few moments.

If your job entails a lot of physical work or you are on your feet a lot, then it is just as important to take a sitting break and have a snack and something to drink.

Work Smarter Tip # 5 – Go for a Walk after work

It is very easy to get involved in your work. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, one often finds oneself thinking about work when the work day is finished. This often leads to arguments at home with your spouse or kids.

When you are feeling stressed out by your work or you have a problem that you can’t seem to resolve then just take a walk. Look around and get your attention on something else.

In fact, a great way to avoid bringing your work and stress home with you is to go for a walk near the end of the day and focus on something other than work. If you know you are going to sit in traffic on the way home then why not take a walk with the whole family. It’s a great way for everyone to de-stress and reconnect at the end of the day.


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