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Wooden Pallet Furniture Ideas for the DIY Enthusiast

Creating a rustic look with pallet furniture

Upcycled wooden pallet furniture has been a growing trend for a while now. The variety of furniture and decor pieces one can make is quite amazing. From rustic beds to grainy wall claddings and even polished bars, pallet furniture is here to stay.

If you are a DIY enthusiast or you love the idea of upcycling then take a look at these beautiful examples of pallet furniture. Be sure to let us know in the comments below which idea is your favourite.



Pallet Bed Base with Mood Lighting

This example of pallet furniture is a fairly simple design. A basic bed frame and headboard but with an added touch of mood lighting. If you like rustic furniture then this might be the bed for you.

Add your own finishing touches to make the design your own. A bit of paint or varnish could transform the look with just a little extra effort.


Easy Space-Saving Pallet Bar

With living space shrinking and becoming more expensive per square meter, few people get to have bar furniture. This pallet bar design saves both money and space. Simple, neat and compact, it can fit into even small living spaces and enhance your social gatherings.

Use varnish or paint to match this pallet bar to your decor or just use the design for inspiration.


Pallet Wall Cladding

This is one of our favourite uses of wooden pallets. We really love the grainy texture the pallets create when used as wall cladding. The cladding can even double as a headboard.

Finish with either paint or varnish and lay the boards horizontally or vertically to change the look and make your room look wider or taller.


Pallet Bathroom Cabinet

If you need to better organise your bathroom then this pallet cabinet could be what you are looking for or give you some ideas for your own cabinet design.

Since bathrooms are damp places be sure to seal your cabinet well so it lasts you many years.


Pallet Entertainment Unit

What better way to show off pallet furniture than to use pallets to create your entertainment unit. This piece of pallet furniture holds a good sized tv and has plenty of storage space. The backing extends all the way to the ceiling creating an interesting look that draws the eye.

Once again, use this design for inspiration for your own projects or modify it to suit your needs.


Have you created a work of art using pallets? Let us know. Leave your thoughts and ideas below.

For original images and photo credits visit: Pinterest


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