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Top 5 Paid Android Health and Fitness Apps for a Healthier You

Health and fitness apps that can boost your fitness levels

If you are looking for health and fitness apps with a few more features than free apps you might have tried then take a look this list.

Here are 5 of the best Android Health and Fitness apps for a healthier lifestyle.



7 Minute Workout Challenge

7-minute-workout-challenge-logoPaid: R 49.38 | 7 Minute Workout Challenge | 4.4 Rating

The old excuse of, “I don’t have time to exercise’ won’t work anymore. The 7 Minute Workout Challenge is one of the best health and fitness apps to transform how you exercise.

In just 7 minutes a day using 12 exercises you can get the equivalent of an hour’s workout.

This paid health and fitness app includes:

  • Videos featuring male and female trainers
  • Track weight
  • Track activity
  • Unlock achievements
  • Simple to perform exercises that require no equipment


Yoga Studio

yoga-studio-logoPaid R 57.99 | Yoga Studio | 4.8 Rating

If Yoga is your thing then Yoga Studio is your app. With more than 60 video classes, Yoga Studio is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

The Yoga Studio app also allows you to create your own custom classes and schedule them to fit in with your lifestyle.

App features include:

  • 65 unique yoga & meditation classes in HD
  • Classes range from 10 to 60 minutes
  • Suitable for beginner to advanced practitioners
  • Yoga for strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance or a combination of all four


My Diet Coach – Pro

my-diet-coach-pro-logoPaid R 39.99 | My Diet Coach – Pro | 4.6 Rating

The My Diet Coach – Pro has loads of great features. These features include:

  • a diet planner
  • meal and exercise journal
  • calorie counter
  • custom reminders for every diary event
  • challenges tracker
  • BMI calculator and BMR calculator.

This is a health and fitness app that helps keep you motivated and on track. Need help to overcome weight-loss difficulties? My Diet Coach has you covered. Want to keep track of your progress? No problem, keep track with the Pro Weight Chart.

As health and fitness apps go, this one has a great range of features and is well worth considering.



Ultimate Food Value Diary

ultimate-food-value-diary-logoPaid R 42.99 | Ultimate Food Value Diary | 4.7 Rating

Another feature rich health and fitness app, the Ultimate Food Value Diary could be the app for you.

While this app does not feature any customisation for South African users like it does for US, UK, and Aus users, it still has many great features.

These features include:

  • Food, alcohol, exercise & daily allowance calculators
  • A large online food database > 2.5m items
  • Barcode scanner > 3.5m barcodes
  • Configurable in metric and imperial .
  • Value estimator – 95% accuracy estimate of a food from just the calories.
  • Meal Maker allowing you to group items together as a meal with automatic portion calculation.
  • Large exercise database


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

sleep-cycle-alarm-clock-logoPaid R 14.79 | Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock | 4.5 Rating

Getting enough sleep is vital to good health. However, the quality of sleep is just as important as the quantity. The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app can help you get both by waking you up at just the right time.

This health and fitness app features a long list of options and features and is fairly inexpensive too.



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