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Mouthwatering Braai Recipes – Become a Braai Legend

These braai recipes will make your next braai spectacular

We South African’s love to braai, but let’s face it, sometimes using the same old braai recipe can get a little boring.

If you are needing a change or braai attendance has dropped then these mouthwatering braai recipes are going to make you a braai legend.



BraaiBoy’s Boerewors Sushi

Now I love sushi as much as anyone but I have to say BraaiBoy’s boerewors sushi has taken sushi to the next level.

Of course it’s not really sushi but so what, it just looks amazing!

What do you need: (besides a braai)

  • your favourite boerewors
  • some streaky bacon
  • your favourite cheese
  • Brafia sauce

See the full recipe here:


Amarula Sweet Potatoes

If regular braai baked potatoes and potato salad aren’t doing it for you and your guests any more then its time to try Amarula sweet potatoes.

This is a pretty easy recipe so you have no excuses for not giving this one a go. Simply chop up your sweet potatoes and place them in foil. Then add a few blocks of butter and a generous amount of brown sugar and Amarula.

What do you need:

  • a bag of sweet potatoes
  • a bottle of Amarula
  • some brown sugar
  • butter
  • a roll of foil


Gourmet Stuffed Braai Loaf

No braai is complete without bread of some sort. Why not ditch the usual bread rolls and replace it with Hein’s gourmet stuffed braai loaf.

I’ve added this recipe to my braai recipes book and plan on trying it out as soon as I can.

This recipe is a little long, so for the full recipe visit:



If the gourmet stuffed braai loaf is a little rich for your taste buds but you still want something other than shop baked bread rolls then roosterkoek is the answer.

This delicious bread is best served hot off your braai with or without butter.

For the full recipe visit:


Chicken Sosaties with Apricots and Onion

One of my favourite things to braai are chicken sosaties. If you like a variety of braai meat or you feel like something a little lighter meat wise then Melissa Mayo’s chicken sosaties with Apricots and Onions is for you.

See the full recipe here:

For original images, photo credits and other braai ideas go to: Pinterest

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