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16 Fun Kids Activities to do with your children this Christmas Season

Fun Kids Activities for the Whole Family

Christmas is just around the corner, and you will have your bundle(s) of joy to entertain and keep busy for roughly a month. Thankfully, here in sunny South Africa, we have beautiful hot weather over Christmas so there are plenty for the kids to do inside and out.

Here are just a few fun kids activities to do to keep them happy and busy that won’t break the bank and will keep their creative juices flowing.


At Home Activities:


  1. Help mom and dad with planting new flowers or herbs. (Once a week the plants can receive a little TLC as well. The kids will enjoy watching their garden plants grow.)
  2. Make a fairy garden or army base. Click here for some fairy garden ideas. These can be adapted for army bases for boys.
  3. Create a mini race track for your toy cars. Click here for some fun ideas. This can be fun indoors or outdoors. (For a messy outdoor option swap the cars for boats and bring out the hose.)
  4. Paint and make macaroni jewellery for you and your friends.
  5. Make your own play dough or silly putty. You’ll find plenty of great recipes here.
  6. Set up an outside putt-putt course.
  7. (For girls) Have a spa day at home with mom.
  8. Bake and ice cookies for a picnic.
  9. Have a treasure hunt (don’t forget the map). Having a map can keep the kids busy for ages while they work out simple riddles and count paces to their destination(s).
  10. Buy or make stamps to make your own Christmas wrapping paper. Get inspiration here. Friends and family will love and appreciate the personal touch on their gifts.


Out And About:


  1. Visit a museum.
  2. Spend the afternoon at the beach or public pool.
  3. Go to the zoo.
  4. Take a train ride. Many places do still have old train rides which include a lunch or picnic. This is an activity that the whole family does together and the kids will never forget.
  5. Visit a petting farm.
  6. Go on a hike and finish off with a picnic.


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