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Five Easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas to Brighten Your Living Space

DIY Wall Decor need not be difficult or expensive!

DIY wall decor projects can be one of the most rewarding home activities. We’ve put together 5 of our favourite low-cost & super easy wall decor ideas. Each of these wall decor projects is relatively inexpensive and require no special skills.



1. Driftwood Heart DIY Wall Decor

Hanging driftwood is a beautiful way to liven up almost any room.

The pink heart example is perfect for any room that needs a feminine touch. However, you can change the shape and colour of your driftwood to create a hanging wall decor piece for a bedroom, lounge, kitchen or any other room.

What you will need:

  • driftwood or dry sticks
  • your choice of paint colours (spray paint and most tinned paints should work just fine)
  • fishing line (for a floating look) or string/wool (adds a rustic or colourful look)


2. Bottled Plant DIY Wall Decor

Another creative wall decor idea for you to use to add some life to a room. Simply fix a number of small glass bottles to your wall and place your choice of dried plants – preferably herbs – into each bottle.

Herbs such as lavender and rosemary can easily be dried and will add a pleasant fragrance to your room. You should replace your herbs every now and then once they start to look a little worn out.

What you will need:

  • small glass bottles
  • brackets and screws
  • your choice of dried plant/herbs

PS: Be sure to check the sizes of the brackets against the bottle necks to get the right fit.


3. Framed Photos on String DIY Wall Decor

If you are into browsing antique stores and charity shops then you might like the wall decor idea. This unique method of displaying your photos will no doubt get your friends and family talking at their next visit.

Once you have found the right frame you can paint it or decorate it as you like. Then add a few rows of string and add your photos. Black & white photos will work great with a black or white frame. If a certain colour is dominant in most of your photos then a similarly coloured frame might work well. There are almost infinite variations you can choose.

What you will need:

  • a medium to large frame
  • sandpaper & paint and brushes to finish the frame
  • string or fishing line
  • printed photos
  • wooden pegs, bulldog clips or paper clips


4. Driftwood Hanging Photo DIY Wall Decor

Still another way to hang your favourite photos is by hanging them from a piece of driftwood or old tree branch. This can add a really nice rustic look to your walls.

You can leave the branch natural or paint it as needed. You can thread a piece of string through each photo or use a strong adhesive tape at the back of the photo. You can’t get much simpler or inexpensive than this.

What you will need:

  1. driftwood or any other dried branch
  2. your photos
  3. string or fishing line
  4. strong long lasting adhesive tape or pin/needle to make holes in photos. (When making holes in your photos be sure to make them smaller than the string otherwise your photos will all slide down and ruin the display)


5. Wool Hanging DIY Wall Decor

If you have old balls of wool lying around then why not turn it into a wall hanging. Once again you can create all kinds of variations to suit your home’s colours and theme.

What you will need:

  • string/wool (yarn) of your choice – should have a reasonable weight so that it hangs straight
  • rings in your chosen colour
  • cardboard & scissors
  • fabric/wood glue
  • dowel sticks

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For image credits & more wall decor ideas visit: Pinterest

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