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Inspired Decor from CherrydotStudio

We came across CherrydotStudio and owner Roxanne Harrison at a recent mommy & baby market and just fell in love with her beautiful range of decor and accessories for moms and kids.

Of course, we wanted to find out a little bit more about CherrydotStudio so we spoke to Roxanne. Here is what she had to say…


Lifestyle Guide: Tell us a little bit about CherrydotStudio… How did you start and what made you choose your current product range?


“CherrydotStudio started a year ago in November 2015 after I designed and produced Bonchis (breastfeeding ponchos) for my personal use with my third baby. I wanted to find a product that was stylish as well as practical that could assist in breastfeeding my child in public which is something I wanted to do without the judgment of strangers.

The product worked so incredibly well compared to anything else I had tried that I decided to put matching sets together as a package for a mom-to-be or mom with a young baby to go with the Bonchi. Thereafter, I decided to start making my teepees which is something I had wanted to do for years already!

I studied interior design and also enjoy product design and so kids interior décor and product design was next for me to branch into.”


Lifestyle Guide: We love your tepee sets. What made you choose teepees and what do you love most about them?


“I made my first tepee, with my husband’s brilliant help, 3 years ago the night before one of my daughter’s birthdays for her as a gift. It was quite roughly made but the kids just loved playing in it together.

It’s so lovely to hear their creative stories they come up with and so I did more market research and decided that there was still a gap in the market for my ideas. For me, one of the most important things you can instil in your child is a creative mind and ability to problem solve. In life we constantly need these two attributes to be successful and keep motivated in what we have chosen to do as well as deal with life’s curve balls in everyday situations.

A tepee play space provides the framework for kids to create adventures whilst playing side by side with family/peers. They are constantly solving how to create that adventure with the props they can find as well as work with the ideas of the other kids they are adventuring with.

Décor wise I had to create a product that makes a statement as a set wherever it is placed-kids room, lounge, under a tree, doctors room, school. These sets look so good even an adult will want to climb into the creative adventure to feel that spark of the imagination from their childhood, where reality stands still for just a while… I have had teachers ask comically if they could have their own hideout too!

They are made from mostly pure cotton fabric that will withstand the roughest, toughest voyages and can also be washed too.”


Lifestyle Guide: Your Bonchi sets are really clever and practical. Tell us about your range of fabrics? Which is your favourite and do you have plans to introduce new fabrics?


“The bonchis are made from a stretch knit fabric which fits well to most body shapes and sizes and is also comfortable to wear whether breastfeeding or not. In the new summer range, I have used beautiful floral & print chiffon as the Bonchi fabric as this is cool and allows for more airflow. The other parts of the sets are still a stretch knit t-shirting as this is soft on baby’s skins and easy to wash.

I am busy on some new sets which will be available at the Mamamagic Baby Expo. My chief concern is that the fabrics are appealing but are comfortable and still offer the same practical features as the last ranges.”


Lifestyle Guide: Do you have any advice for parents who are planning on decorating their kid’s/baby’s room?


“Often parents don’t know where to start with the décor for their new baby’s room. Deciding on one item or accessory that you love and creating a mood board around that item can narrow down the options for you of what is available out there.

Why not start with one of our Teepee playspaces in the corner of baba’s room and work from there! CherrydotStudio also designs and creates custom décor items, like wall hangings, ribbon mobiles, cushions etc to bring your theme together.”


Lifestyle Guide: What are your future plans for CherrydotStudio? Do you have any new products in the pipeline?


“I have so, so many exciting ideas! I have always wanted CherrydotStudio to supply exclusive ranges of quality handcrafted goods and in doing so wanted to keep the company small and manageable. In saying that though I would love so many more parents, babies and children to enjoy our products and so far the feedback I have received has been really encouraging and inspiring!

As a mom of three littlies, I cannot practically make every item myself and so now finding local artisans is a priority to continue supplying more superior products and creating happy customer adventures! My kid’s décor and playspaces range is expanding in the near future and there will be a new range of teepees ready for the Mamamagic Baby Expo which is am so excited about!

I am constantly looking for practical yet stylish solutions that bring décor and living spaces together to create beautiful spaces that people love to live in.”


Lifestyle Guide: Do you have any advice for people who are looking to start their own businesses?


“I have been coming up with ideas for a long time and eventually my husband said to me “Just start it! Right now, put those products out there and see what response you get!”

I didn’t have labels, a workspace or even a logo and I wanted to have all these in place first which made me unsure of his advice! However, I have learned that all the formalities will fall into place as we go and find the need for them along the way.

There is a quote by Les Brown

“The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry their dream.”

If you never try, you’ll never know if it could have been a success or not and how you would have grown and gained from it, so fighting that fear of failure is the first step.

Every day there is a new situation for me to learn how to solve with my new venture and despite the long nights and difficult challenges along the way, I just love the experience of it all, it’s definitely worth it!”


For bookings or more information visit: | Facebook | Instagram

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

All images courtesy of CherrydotStudio.

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